7 myth about seo in Dubai

7 Myths About SEO

SEO- Search engine optimization is the modern, acknowledged way to increase the amount and quality of traffic to the website by organic search engine results.

But even though SEO is a proven model there are some doubts and even myths around it. Below I offer 7 most popular myths about SEO.

1. SEO is all lies

This is probably the most illogical and wrong opinion about SEO, which was probably made up by people who were seeking for the immediate result without putting much effort in it. If there are enough effort and commitment in it there is no way of SEO not working. And if the company is looking for success it should invest a good amount of money in SEO as a marketing strategy.

2. Doing SEO once does it all
This myth is connected to the previous one. Investing in SEO once, or even a few times is not the best idea if a company wants to see some good result. As the competition is extensive and new pages are being created simultaneously you might stay behind if you hesitate to invest in it.

3.SEO guarantees top rankings right away
Even though there might be some SEO promising top rankings right away in search engines, there can’t be any kind of guarantee of such thing. SEO is oriented on a long-term result, for your companies rankings to be stable and it needs some time to be achieved.

4.  The quality of the keywords don’t matter
SEO Keywords matter the most when it comes to pushing the rankings of the website. These are the words of your web content that make your website “searchable”. The success of the website is depended on the quality of the keywords used in the content. If relevant and demanded keywords are used, it is more likely to get visited by more people.

5.   More amount of words in the content lead to higher rankings
First of all, the number of words in the content don’t define the quality of it. When It comes to SEO the thing that really matters is finding out exactly what people are looking for and providing it in a better way than the opponents. Offering valuable, specific and brief information can be way beneficial.

Cactimedia Agency

#5 The last but not least is Cactimedia, which was founded in 2003 and is offering all the much needed technical, creative and strategic skills to put your business on a whole new level. Cactimedia are masters in everything what is digital, no matter if it’s a website design, or development, or even social media, SEO and ecommerce as well. The company respects long-term relationships and they are happy to invest their time, energy and resources for helping their clients reach their goals. In order for them to work with leading retail and corporate brands of Dubai, they always stay focused and happy to get the most important, unique and hard projects that are available out there. With Cactimedia, you can be sure that you will have your needs fulfilled by individuals, who always stay focused on providing the top quality service.

Escape Advertising Agency

#4 The fourth one here is ought to be Escape Advertising, which tends to make brands more valuable to people and people more valuable to brands. They work on a daily basis to empower their clients, with the aim to reach your goals, with the help of advertising. With Escape Advertising a well-integrated and professional approach is guaranteed. They are proud of their creativity and bring the passion, skills and innovative ideas to their clients’ table. With the help of their advertising, your company’s identity with be immediately placed on the spotlight, not only regionally, but globally instead. It’s important to look at the fact, that they provide both online and offline assistances, in order to get the best results possible. The marketing world is changing, so this is what does keep Escape Advertising going. Try out, increase public engagement and keep your company image flying.

Traffic Digital Agency

#3 The third one is – Traffic Digital. A full-service digital marketing consultancy, which has more than a hundred full-time staff, currently working in 4 offices. Traffic Digital was started in 2009, but it has about 28 years of regional experience. The company has designed some professional and integrated business solutions, in order to help their clients with growing their company within the traits of innovations and creativity. They are focused on creating strong and deep long-time relationships, as their goal is to provide users with the quality, in everything they produce. Also, it’s very important to look at the stats, as they have already worked with over 300 clients in 25+ industries, including some multinational ones, such as Unilever, PwC, Etihad, Mamas & Papas, Carrefour and etc.

USEO Company

#2 The second one on the list is a company in Dubai – USEO. It’s pretty much obvious that in order to build the right business, you need to increase the exposure. In order, to show other people the pros of your company, you need first to be able to find it. This is what USEO has been doing so far, building your reputation and visibility worldwide. But how USEO differs from others? The difference is, they have experienced consultants in SEO, who work on correct keywords density, the website flows, which also increases the ranking on Google. The created content is always engaging for the readers. The company’s policy is, that if they don’t get the clients businesses’ website on the page one of SERPs within 90 days, then they will keep working for free until they finally do it, so with USEO, clients don’t pay a cent more until they finally start seeing the deserved results.

Beunique Group In Dubai

#1 The first one on the list is Be Unique Group and that happens for a reason.  Be Unique an award-winning marketing consultancy and digital agency. which is currently operating in Dubai, New York, and Abu Dhabi as well. The company’s primary goal is to help their clients to achieve success. Be Unique traits are transparency and honesty. Also they keen to exceed and over-deliver their client’s expectations on a daily basis.

It’s worth to consider that 90% of their clients are Small to medium-sized ones. The reason is, the company only recruits motivated and happy individuals, who do really care about their clients’ business, as if it was their own one. The elite team of hard-working and professional marketing professionals has been trained and established in a workplace. Each day they try hard to manage the best advertising campaigns for you.